8” x 40” Membrane Cleaning Services – Progressive Water Treatment
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8” x 40” Membrane Cleaning Services

8” x 40” Membrane Cleaning Services

  • $ 200.00

Don't throw away your used 8 x 40 membranes!  Let Progressive Water clean them using our unique PWT Membrane Cleaning system and save big $$$.

We can clean your Dow Filmtec, Toray, GE and other major brand 8 x 40 membranes for just $200 per membrane!

Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Freight to and from cleaning facility (all inclusive)
  • Low pH and High pH clean
  • Pre and Post test each membrane
  • Bagging, preserving and boxing (as per customer spec and material)

Why should I clean my membranes?

  • The cost savings associated with cleaning membranes at a fraction of the price instead of buying new membranes will reduce your overall operating costs.
  • The average membrane can be cleaned 4 – 5 times before disposal, extending the life of your elements and reducing environmental waste.
  • Unplanned downtime and emergency outages can be reduced or eliminated by keeping a spare set of membranes in your inventory.  When installing new elements, it is recommended that you test and clean your ‘old’ elements instead of disposing.  This will give you a second set of membranes on hand in the event of an emergency. 

PRO TIP:  We recommend keeping a spare set of membranes to be an inexpensive insurance policy for your industrial RO system.  Based on your feed water and operating data, a routine cleaning schedule supported by alternating (2) complete sets of membranes can greatly increase the life of your initial investment and prevent downtime due to excessive membrane scaling and fouling.

When should I clean my membranes?

  • Normalized salt rejection decreases by 5 – 10% or more
  • Normalized permeate flow drops by 10% or more
  • Differential pressure/pressure drop increases by 10 – 15% or more

No risk guarantee:

Don’t pay for the membranes you can’t use!  If we are unable to clean the elements well enough for reuse, we charge a nominal “Test Only” fee in lieu of the standard cleaning fee.