Filmtec BW30-400/34 (Dry) Element – Progressive Water Treatment
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Filmtec BW30-400/34 (Dry) Element

Filmtec BW30-400/34 (Dry) Element

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Filmtec™ BW30-400/34 is ideal for reverse osmosis plant managers and operators dealing with challenging waters seeking consistent high performance, long element life, increased productivity and higher water quality coupled with fouling resistance.

Filmtec BW30-400/34 Product Specifications:

  • 400 square feet of active membrane area
  • 34 mil feed spacer for better resistance to particulate and biological fouling
  • Widest pH cleaning range (1- 13) and chemical tolerance
  • Permeate flow of 10,500GPD and stabilized NaCl rejection of 99.5% at standard test conditions
  • Minimum 99.0% NaCl rejection at test conditions

Test Conditions:

  • 2000PPM NaCl
  • 225PSI feed pressure
  • 77° F Temperature
  • pH 8
  • 15% recovery

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