Filmtec BW30HR-440i Element – Progressive Water Treatment
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Filmtec BW30HR-440i Element

Filmtec BW30HR-440i Element

  • $ 645.00

Dow® Filmtec™ BW30HR-440i elements are high-performing and productivity elements, combining the highest active membrane area available in the industry today with maximum rejection brackish water reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. It incorporates Dow's innovative and proprietary BW30HR membrane sheet technology, designed to deliver the highest quality RO permeate. This is combined with the cleanability of a 28 mil feed spacer, to minimize capital expenses in high-purity industrial water applications, without increasing operating flux.


  • Model: BW30HR- 440i
  • Length: 40"
  • Diameter: 8"
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • 28 mil Feed Spacer
  • Outer shell: Hard fiberglass
  • Applied Pressure: 225 PSI
  • Nominal Capacity: 12,650 GPD
  • Maximum Pressure: 600 PSI
  • Stabilized salt rejection: 99.7%

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